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Trees’ & Shrubs’ Simple Booster

Fruit, shade or evergreen trees and shrubs, even your fence cedars, they all need food, especially if you have clay or sandy soil or as soil depletes (and it does all the time). Over the years, I found that a little fertilizer spike can do miracle to the tree giving it a steady diet of nutrients. The spike fertilizer feeds all kind of trees and shrubs automatically all summer long and provides faster growth and beautiful crowns, not to mention the difference it makes to the quantity of the fruits. You can buy them in any garden center, Home Depot, Walmart, etc., they are not expensive (around $4-5 for a bunch of 9), but will make a HUGE difference (if you like to enjoy your garden). We apply them around this time of the year (from April up to mid-May), with the help of a rubber mallet. Try to catch the time before it rains, so the spikes will start working faster.

Select the variety you need and give your tree a boost, you will see how it will thank you back in no time. It’s the least expensive, but one of the most efficient way to make the trees happy. It also works for birds, bees and insects, which don’t have to confuse granulated nitrogen with their own food (I am talking about granulated fertilizers that stay undissolved for months killing birds and burning the grass). As much as chemical food can be beneficial, this one works best for us.