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In Search for a Dream Macaron on Valentine.

Its Valentine day, and nothing can be better for this occasion than some fine French creation: culinary or otherwise. Times and trends can come and go, but as long as what you choose for your Valentine is French and romantic, it is still a symbol of AMOUR. How about some exquisite Parisian specialty like “Paris macaron”? Macaron lovers (or just lovers) know that barely any other confectionery can compare to the sweet, moist perfection of this delicacy.

A Valentine cliché? Not really when finding a real French macaron is a daunting task. I wish I could be now between those celadon walls of Ladurée pâtisserie in Champs-Élysées, sampling the double-deckers delicacy at the place of its birth. 

However, Paris now is further than Panama for me (almost like in a French song from Faubourg 36). I can still play the song (for the background of my quest), but where do I get a real French macaron from where I am?

Look at the subtle pastel colors of this Champs-Élysées lithograph image of 1900. Is not it exactly this rainbow palette you will find at a real French macaron place?
Avenue des Champs-Élysées around 1900 via Wikimedia
Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you: I am not even in Montreal now (where you can find French macarons pretty much everywhere). I am in the downtown Toronto (which takes this quest to a different level) and my time is extremely limited. So far I checked the perimeter of College, Yonge, Queen, and Spadina with no luck. Not that I did not do the research, but you never know… The quest brings me to Chinatown, which is probably the last place on Earth to find French macarons. Somehow, I run into this Valentine message:

Do you get it? Me neither… So far for the Valentine. Almost desperate, I am heading out of my designated perimeter straight to 1 King Street West, where, according to my map, the ‘’Petit Thuet’’ French patisserie is located. I approach the place, recognize the name of Toronto’s most famous Alsatian chef on the logo and step in. Bingo, I just made it to the real French macarons!

I got my rainbow of 12 of these little colorful almond-whitegg-sugar creations and was not disappointed. Looks like the macaron team trained by chef Marc Thuet is up and running delivering 12 tastes of French macarons daily.

The macarons are consistent, the shells break ”comme il faut” (just upon tooth-contact), the filling is a marvelous creamy burst of whatever the name of the flavor is. 

The winners for me were: salted caramel (no wonder its their best seller); raspberry, chocolate with ganache and wasabi & white chocolate with that tangy Japanese horseradish bite. Mission accomplished. Happy Valentine Yal!!!